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Dave and Floy Zittin were both trained as biologists, but neither made a living in this field. Dave did many things and Floy became a watercolor artist.

Both of us have a profound appreciation for all that is biological. We both have strong feelings that chronicling life as we encounter it today will be important to future biologists, helping them to understand changes in distribution and abundance of species. Although we were both trained in invertebrate zoology, we have come to appreciate birds, especially their distributions, colors and behavior. Birding has also become a great way for us to get our exercise, it’s also a great excuse to travel and a wonderful way to meet new people who share similar interests. The intent of this website is to encourage those who have never thought about birds to become ardent observers and recorders of what they see. A record can be a photographic image, a sketch or a sound recording. There are many ways to make your records available as a citizen scientist to future research. For example, Cornell’s site which is a great way for one to keep records of a lifetime of bird sightings. Also Is a great way to meet people who can help you identify bird and other species you cannot identify. Become a citizen scientist by recording what you see.

More of Dave’s photos can be seen at: